Mainland Information System

Click here to access the "Mainland Information System" (Only Simplified Chinese version is available).

For enquiries relating to the Mainland Information System, please contact their customer service using one of the following channels:

  • Online customer service: applicants may click the logo on the upper right corner after logging in the Mainland Information System;
  • Through WeChat: applicants may follow the account「廣東電子口岸」and click 「在線諮詢」
  • Hotline: applicants may call 020-95198 or 0756-12123

For vetting progress of Mainland Authorities and relevant enquiries, applicants may call the following hotlines:

  • Zhuhai Public Security Bureau: 0756-12123
  • Gongbei Customs: 0756-12360
  • Zhuhai Immigration Inspection: 0756-12367
  • Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province (for enquiries relating to "Mainland Information System") : 020-95198
  • Shenzhen Customs: 0755-12360

Tips: Please note that the registration requires Mainland mobile number and WeChat Applet to verify your identity. For details, please refer to the "User Guide of Mainland Information System" (Only Simplified Chinese version is available).

Application Guide of Mainland electronic vehicle licence (prepared by the Traffic Police of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department) (Only Simplified Chinese version is available)